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How to Navigate thru the Holiday Season and still STAY ON TRACK!

With the holiday season officially here and ALL the parties, get-together’s and delicious food’s that come along with it…do you have the ALL or NOTHING mentality? What is if told you that you can still enjoy the holiday’s (and foods that come along with it) and not have to stress out!!!! In this article I’ll give you tips on how to navigate thru the holidays while still staying successful and on-track with your goals!

  1. Grab a calendar and circle the specific dates/meals that you will be deciding to go off-plan. If these days/meals are the last 2 weeks of the month, then make sure to really nail your nutrition and workouts the first 2 weeks. Planning ahead will not only hold you accountable to stay ON-PLAN during the other days of the month but will also give you comfort in knowing that you will  get the opportunity to enjoy those holiday foods that you’ve been craving on those special days!

  2. When you do decide to go off-plan, still be intentional and aware of what and how much you are eating/drinking. Hold yourself accountable by writing down your plans. For example, “I’m limiting myself to two cocktails”, “I’m going to enjoy one appetizer”, “I’m going to enjoy one small scoop of every side dish”, “I will allow myself one slice of my favorite dessert!” Just because you are deciding to eat one meal off-plan doesn’t mean eating with reckless abandon. Remember, there’s another holiday party, get-together, or meal right around the corner for you to enjoy.

  3. Get in a good SWEAT sesh on those days you’re planning to have an off-plan meal. Getting in a workout (especially strength training) before a holiday meal has many benefits including:  helping to combat stress, it will give you more energy through the day AND your body will be burning MORE calories throughout the rest of your day! It’s a win-WIN!

  4. If you’re attending a holiday function but made the decision NOT to go off-plan, bring a dish that you know you can enjoy. This way, while everyone around you is mingling with a plate of food, you can be too while still staying on-plan!

  5. Eat all your regular meals on the days you will go off-plan. Don’t skip breakfast or lunch trying to “save” up your calories for that special holiday dinner. By doing this, you run the risk of eating everything in sight because you’re so hangry (iykyk) and the calories will double or even triple….YIKES!

The moral of the story here is that you CAN enjoy the holiday’s and stay on-track with your goals. Sometimes it takes a little planning and strategizing but it can be done. But if things don’t go as planned, so what! Shake it off, move on and don’t sweat it. Remember, you can achieve anything you set your mind to….even around the holiday’s!

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