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FALL Accountability Challenge!

Hey SWEAT Virtual Trainer ROCKSTARS!!!

Monday November 1st we’ll be starting a FALL Accountability Challenge 💥

This challenge will run thru the holiday’s and it’s designed to help you learn new, healthy habits to keep you ON-TRACK during the next couple months so that by the New Year you will already be SUCCESSFUL!!!

Every Monday you will be emailed a list of goals to hit every day and if you hit that goal, you get 1 point! New goals will be added as well as the OPTION of weigh-in’s and measurements taken every 2 weeks. If you are tracking your weight/measurements you will check-in with me bi-weekly via email to hold you accountable. Those numbers (weight/measurements) are private and will not be shared with anyone!

This challenge is absolutely FREE and a great way to start your healthy lifestyle!!!

NOTE: This challenge is for ACTIVE Members only!!! If you’d like to REACTIVATE, just let us know!


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